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Discontinuation of the course until April 30th, 2020

Against the background of Covid-19 Virus (Corona) and the general decree of the Authority for Health and Consumer Protection of the City of Hamburg, the German Red Cross has stopped carrying out first aid courses. The general decree dated March 15, 2020 includes prohibits facilities or offers from private educational institutions from being opened to the public. This also includes first aid courses. This applies both to our open offer at all DRK locations and to booked in-house courses.

This ban is valid until April 30th, 2020

Information for private participants
Every participant who has booked a course in the period up to April 30th, 2020 has received his fee back on the way paid.

Information for company participants
All courses are canceled until April 30th, 2020.

As soon as courses can be held and booked again, we will inform you here. For more information on the Covid-19 virus (Corona), please contact the Robert Koch-Institut (RKI).

We hope for your understanding for the benefit of all.

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